Trucking Violations

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If you are cited for a trucking violation, you could experience a major impact on your livelihood. Truck drivers are strictly regulated by many laws and rules. Our knowledgeable trucking violations attorney, Leon J. Mezzetti, Jr. may be able to help.

Accumulating Points on A Commercial Driving Record

Truck drivers are held to exceedingly high driving standards. If you are a truck driver, you know that a traffic ticket or citation can lead to extremely expensive fines. You may also be worried about the effect of violations on your driver's license. Not having a driver's license can adversely impact a truck driving career.

Even 1 1/2 points can result in a driver's license suspension and will certainly raise your insurance rates. More than 3 points in a year can lead to unemployment depending upon the trucking company for which you work. Some potential violations that we can help with are: speeding, violations of downhill speed zones or grade restrictions, log book violations, lane change violations, and violating overweight specifications. Although a recent law permits traffic school for minor trucking violations, there is no traffic school option for serious trucking violations.

As such, it is critical to retain an experienced lawyer with knowledge of trucking violations who can fight tickets on your behalf right away.

Truck Driving DUI in California

Long drives in a truck can be monotonous and unfortunately, some truck drivers use drugs like methamphetamine or drink a few beers to make the experience more bearable. However, this behavior can lead to serious injuries for other drivers and pedestrians, and a commercial driver who is caught faces severe penalties. As you might expect, truck drivers are held to a higher standard for DUI than non-commercial drivers are.

The "per se" blood alcohol content limit is .04% for a commercial driver, rather than .08% for non-commercial drivers. Truck drivers who are convicted of a DUI for the first time lose their commercial license for at least one year. Two or more DUI convictions can lead to a permanent loss of a commercial license. This penalty is huge for a truck driver, as it means a career change will be necessary.

However, a commercial driver convicted of a DUI can also be subject to the other penalties that accrue to non-commercial drivers convicted of DUIs. This includes probation, a maximum of one year in jail, fines of $390-1,000, and mandatory participation in an alcohol education program.

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