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San Leandro is a suburban charter city in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. It has a population of about 84,950. Served by Interstate 880, 580, and 238, San Leandro is a city in which driving, rather than taking public transportation, is the predominant mode of travel. In areas with high traffic, it is common for police officers to issue traffic citations. Most of these citations are minor, but certain violations such as high speed violations and DUIs have severe consequences for a driver's life. An experienced San Leandro criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Leon J. Mezzetti, Jr. can help combat serious violations.

Speed Contests and Exhibition of Speed in San Leandro

One type of serious traffic violation is a citation for a speed contest or exhibition of speed. A speed contest is showing illegal speed on a public street or highway. It includes motor vehicle races against other motor vehicles using a clock — speed contests are popularly known as "drag races." These are considered to be public threats and are most commonly engaged in by teenagers. In 1999, 5,749 teenagers died nationwide from motor vehicle injuries. Anyone who engages in, aids, or helps put on a speed contest, including spectators, can be cited.

Penalties include arrest and impounding of your vehicle for 30 days (at your expense), imprisonment for up to 3 months, fines of up to $1,000, revocation of your driver's license, and increases to your insurance premiums or even cancellation of insurance. The DMV may suspend your privilege to operate a motor vehicle or place restrictions on the privilege for six months so that you can only drive to and from a place of employment or to perform job-related duties.

Engaging in a speed contest is a misdemeanor. To obtain a conviction, a prosecutor must show (1) that you drove on a street or highway, (2) that you engaged in an exhibition of speed, and in some cases that you (3) aided and abetted the exhibition of speed.

Speed contests are dangerous and can result in an injury or fatality. More serious penalties are imposed if someone is injured or killed in connection with a speed contest. Additionally, two points will be placed on your driving record for a speed contest conviction. If you receive four points in a 12-month period, you may be deemed a negligent operator and your driver's license will be suspended.

An experienced attorney can help you fight an alleged speed contest violation or a negligent motor vehicle operation suspension. While you may be inclined to let minor traffic tickets slide, simply paying them and moving on, speed contest violations, DUIs and other misdemeanors can have significant adverse consequences. It is worth retaining an attorney to try to keep from losing your license, suffering raised insurance rates or losing your vehicle insurance.

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