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Legislators had good intentions when they enacted the California three-strikes law in 1994. The purpose was to keep violent offenders in prison. In practice, however, a relatively minor crime can put someone behind bars for 25 years to life. If you have been arrested for a third felony in California, call defense attorney Leon J. Mezzetti Jr. in Fremont, California.

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Even if you have been arrested for a first or second felony, it can be important to your future freedom to have a criminal defense lawyer who understands the ramifications of each and every felony charge.

If you have been arrested for a third felony, the seriousness of the crime may not matter to the prosecutor. Talk to an experienced three-strikes defense lawyer; about this charge and the previous convictions against you. There may be grounds to change an earlier felony charge and conviction to a misdemeanor. The current charge you are facing might be reduced or dismissed.

A three-strikes charge is serious. A conviction can mean a mandatory 25 years to life in prison. If you treasure your freedom, if you feel you have been over-charged now or in the past, talk to a lawyer who will investigate current and past charges.

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Experience really does matter - don't trust your three-strikes defense to an inexperienced criminal defense attorney.