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Tracy is a city located in San Joaquin County, served by Interstate 5, Interstate 205, and Interstate 580. Most of its growth during the 20th century resulted from its strengths as an agricultural area, but it is now seeing increased growth due to a spillover of the East Bay's tech industry. It is common for both locals and visitors to speed in agricultural regions, but excessive speeds can lead to heavy penalties. An experienced Tracy criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Leon J. Mezzetti, Jr. can help if you are in danger of losing your license or serving jail time due to speeding tickets or other traffic violations.

Negligent Operator Hearings

A single speeding ticket may be something that you can just pay and move on from. However, you should be aware that a person who accumulates too many points on his or her driving record within a 12 month period may be deemed a negligent operator by the DMV, which will suspend the license. If you receive a notification that you have been deemed a negligent operator and need your license to get to school or work, or to take care of your kids, it is important to contact an attorney immediately. Your attorney can represent you at a negligent operator hearing and try to keep your license from being suspended.

Driving on a Suspended License

What you should not do in the event that your license is suspended is to just assume that you can drive on the suspended license occasionally. Knowingly driving on a suspended (or revoked) license is a misdemeanor crime in California under California Vehicle Code 14601 and related sections. The penalty imposed depends upon why your license was suspended, and it may involve jail time or fines. A conviction will go on your criminal record. If you drive while your license is suspended for a DUI, you will be sentenced to a minimum of 10 days in jail and a maximum of 6 months. Every time you get caught driving on a suspended license within a 5-7 year period, you will be sentenced more severely.

In order to prove this misdemeanor, the prosecutor must show that you knew your license was suspended and drove with it anyway. Your attorney may be able to get the charge reduced or dismissed by showing a lack of knowledge, or that the original suspension was invalid. If your attorney cannot demonstrate a lack of knowledge, he may be able to show that you deserve restricted driving privileges because you have a critical need to drive, such as to go to work or to go to a DUI treatment program.

Contact a Tracy Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away

If you are accumulating points on your driver's license, you may be close to getting a suspension. On the other hand, if your license is already suspended and you have been caught driving on it, you should contact an attorney for help removing points or fighting the suspension. For a strong defense from an experienced Tracy criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Leon J. Mezzetti, Jr., contact us toll-free at 877-791-1836 or via our online form.