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In today's real estate market, transactions among buyers, sellers, brokers and lenders are being closely scrutinized. If you have been targeted in a real estate investigation, talk to experienced fraud defense attorney, Leon J. Mezzetti Jr.

Real Estate Fraud Defense Lawyer ∙ Former Alameda County Deputy DA

At our law firm, we will investigate the allegations against you and protect your rights. The charges often involve complex documents and financial transactions. Fraud defense attorney Leon J. Mezzetti Jr. has the experience it takes to fully understand your case.

  • Are you a potential buyer who has been accused of making false statements on a mortgage loan application? Have you been accused of identity theft when you applied for credit? You need a lawyer who will listen to your story, protect your rights and build a fraud defense based on the facts of your case.
  • Have you been accused of selling property you do not own? Has someone accused you of leasing property you do not own? Whatever the circumstances, you can count on fraud defense attorney Leon J. Mezzetti Jr. to investigate the charges and protect your rights.
  • We have represented people accused of using straw buyers, failing to record deeds of sale, setting up real estate investment schemes and setting up foreclosure fraud schemes. Whatever your charges, you deserve a strong defense.

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For a free confidential consultation, and for further information regarding how an ex-prosecutor and East Bay real estate fraud defense attorney can put over 30 years of criminal defense experience to work for you, please contact us, call us at 877-791-1836 or 510-791-1836, or visit us in San Jose, Fremont, Stockton or Pleasanton.

Experience really does matter - don't trust your real estate fraud defense to an inexperienced criminal defense lawyer.