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If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI, time is not on your side. You have only 10 days from the arrest date to request a DMV Administrative Hearing or your drivers license will be automatically suspended. Hiring a skilled DUI Lawyer to fight your DUI significantly increases your chances of keeping your license.

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Based in the Northern California Bay Area, the DMV hearings lawyer Leon J. Mezzetti, Jr. has over 30 years of experience defending individuals in California Department of Motor Vehicle administrative trials.

If you have been charged with drunk driving (DUI), you may lose your driving privileges. In addition to a DUI charge in criminal court, you will most likely face a separate civil charge and have a hearing scheduled before the California Department of Motor Vehicles (sometimes referred to as a California DMV hearing).

At the California DMV hearing, a determination will be made regarding your driving privileges, and whether to suspend or revoke your driver's license. In addition, our representation in the DMV hearing may allow us to obtain information that may help you in your criminal DUI case.

Your driving privileges are important. You may rely on them to get to and from work, or to and from a doctor. Even if you are found culpable, we may be able to get you a restricted license to allow you to drive for specified circumstances (such as work or medical treatment).

For a free confidential consultation, and for further information regarding how an ex-prosecutor and California DMV hearing attorney can put 30 years of trial experience to work for you, please contact us, call us at 877-791-1836 or 510-791-1836, or visit us. Experience really does matter: don't trust your driving privileges to an inexperienced DMV hearing lawyer.

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