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Stockton is one of the largest cities in California’s Central Valley region. It is located on Interstate 5, State Route 99, and State Route 4 near the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. Although there are some public transportation options in this area, driving is an essential part of living and working in San Joaquin County for most people. If you are caught drunk driving, you face the threat of suspension and jail time. An experienced Stockton DUI attorney at the Law Offices of Leon J. Mezzetti, Jr. can fight to help get the charges reduced or dropped if possible.

Legal Limit for Blood Alcohol in Stockton

In California, you are considered to be drunk driving "per se" if you have a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher while operating a vehicle. Police officers can test breath, blood, or urine to determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). However, you can be charged even if you have lower blood alcohol levels—even alcohol concentration levels as low as .01% can actually impair driving performance. The number of drinks it takes to get to a blood alcohol level that affects performance varies from person to person based on metabolism, weight, and gender.

DUI Enhancements in Stockton

While .08% is the legal limit, some drivers far exceed this limit. If your BAC is .15% or higher, you are considered to have an "extreme BAC" and you may face more severe consequences. You will be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) on your car once you regain your driver's license, which measures your alcohol content every time you try to turn on the car. There may also be special restrictions placed on your probation. If your BAC is .20% or higher, you will also be required to attend a drug and alcohol abuse program for nine months rather than the usual 3 months, and you may face further penalties beyond those imposed for .15% BAC.

Multiple DUI Convictions

A first time offender is the most likely kind of defendant to get a reduced sentence. However, offenders with multiple DUI convictions are likely to be treated with less leniency. If you are a third time offender, for example, you may be sentenced to jail time ranging from 120 days to 1 year, and fined between $390 and $1,000. Additionally, you may be required to enter an 18 to 30 month alcohol abuse program and have your driver's license revoked.

If you are convicted of a fourth DUI in ten years or injure somebody while drunk driving, you will likely be charged with felony DUI. Most DUIs are charged as misdemeanors. However, felony DUIs have extremely harsh consequences, including a 16 month to 10 year prison sentence and fines ranging from $1,015-$5,000. Felony DUI convictions also have extralegal consequences. Many employers require you to fill out a form indicating whether you have been convicted of a felony. A felony on your record may also affect the professional licenses you are able to obtain or maintain.

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